The World Plan Project Is

Is On Mission Powering The Emerging World Plan Of Wholeness, Love And Enlightenment In The Heart of Our Lives

We’ve incarnated in an extraordinary chapter of Earth’s story of spiritual exploration, development and being.

“kindred lives are incarnating at this time with a spiritual purpose and calling of helping bring the emerging world plan of Humanity and Earth to life”

The World Plan – a guiding universal energy, design and story of our lives – serves as a living reservoir of purpose-directed forces and resources fueling our shared journey of evolving together as kindred beings in spiritual rapport with the evolving life of our Earth.

A guiding narrative of our emerging world plan and story is:

realizing, building and fueling an
abundant, united, loving and co-creative world

for the wellbeing of the whole

The World Plan Project is a diverse commons of kindred lives engaged as collaborative leaders, community changemakers, cultural creatives, humanitarians, philanthropists and stewards of nature who:

  • recognize we’re here to help one another on our journeys of spiritual exploration, development, service and being
  • share a love of caring for and uplifting our diverse, interconnected humanity and communities of nature
  • value realizing and supporting the co-creative beauty of the evolutionary energy, design and story of Earth

To know more about The World Plan Project, we invite you to be in touch.

In Kindredship,

Kaisan | kindred spirit of the world plan


Our Community Bond

This Simple Idea Is Our Community Bond
A World Plan (Universal Energy, Design and Story) Of Being
Powered By The Living Energies Of Love
Exists To Be Discovered, Stewarded And Cocreated With
In The Heart Of Our Lives

We are kindred beings here to help one another bring the energies of love to life

The World Plan Project and Community is dedicated to
3 guiding drives and spiritual callings to strengthen and care for the wellbeing of the world:

1 | Realizing The Plan

An evolutionary Plan of Humanity and Earth exists to be realized.

“Realizing The Plan” is powered by the truth that our Humanity, Earth and Cosmos are sentient beings united by a guiding purpose and plan of realizing and co-creating good for the whole


2 | Building With The Plan

We are all creative builders with living energies of the Plan of Love.

“Building The Plan” is powered by the truth that we are each here to be creative builders with the living energies of love and blueprint of the Plan and the emerging spiritual collaborative of Earth

3 | Funding The Plan

Abundantly funding and vitalizing the Plan in the heart of our lives is foundational.

“Funding The Plan” is powered by the truth that money is concretized spiritual energy and an essential force of good for fueling dedicated stewardship and progress of the emerging World Plan in society

If you sense or recognize you’re a kindred spirit of the world plan
and these 3 spiritual callings move you,
we invite you to be in touch.

The World Plan Project

12 Activities Contributing To The Heart Of Our Mission


1 | Spiritual Leadership


2 | Wisdom Education


3 | Energetic Stewardship


4 | Experiential Arts


5 | Energies Science


6 | Healing Commons


7 | Generative Resources

8 | Universal Design


9 | Natural Adventure

10 | United Meditation

11 | Mutual Kindredship


12 | Interworldy Living


” money serves as a lifeblood and living energy for realizing and bringing to life the world plan of our Humanity and living Earth “

Fund The World Plan

Give To Help Bring The World Plan To Life

Our work is fueled by the community of kindred lives who recognize that a world plan of good exists and by caring citizens and endeavors who value our mission of helping bring it to life.

Your financial contributions help fund our mission and societal initiatives including:

Charting The World Plan
Choosing Good
Energies of Spirituality
Energetic Ecology for Earth
Voicing Art in Community
Healership for One Humanity
12 Festivals Of Living Energy
4 Summits of World Meditation

our ongoing transformative work of bringing the uniting message of The World Plan to life

Help Us Reach our $4m Funding Goal!

We ask you, kindred spirit to kindred spirit, to help fund our mission of bringing the world plan of wholeness, love and enlightenment to life in the heart of our lives.

As our Humanity enters a new chapter of evolving together, the need for fueling the world plan and forces of good in the heart of our lives is as great as ever.

We ask that you give abundantly in harmony with your financial means to support our mission and efforts.

Your giving goes to our:

  1. Mission: mobilizing our message & mission for the world
  2. Initiatives: catalyzing transformative initiatives for society
  3. Gear: resources and equipment for our journey
  4. Stewardship: dedicated stewards powering the world plan

If you have questions about giving or you are deeply moved by our mission and called to be a major patron of The World Plan, please be in touch at

We are each being called to do all we can, with the capacities we steward, to come together in this pivotal time for the healing and helping of one another, our diverse communities and our living Earth.

Thank you for your spirit of care and contribution.

Kaisan | kindred spirit of the world plan

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” our guiding aim is helping one another bring the living energies, ideas, values and endeavors
of the incoming chapter of the World Plan of Wholeness, Love and Enlightenment to life
to create a better world for everyone “

Be In Touch

To know more about contributing to the mission and works of The World Plan Project,
we invite you to be in touch.